Construction freeze new offices in Amsterdam suspended

The construction freeze for new office buildings in Amsterdam will be dissolved. Governor Eric van der Burg presented this statement to the real estate world last tuesday in Amsterdam.

In 2011, there was an office strategy in order to reduce office leasing. To realize this, old offices have been redeveloped and transformed and the development of new offices was limited. This strategy was successful: as of January first, 2017, vacancy rates have fallen from 18% to 12.8%. The use of offices has increased significantly after this development. 

The purpose of the presentation of elder Eric van der Burg arrised due to the increasing number of companies that are looking for an office space in Amsterdam. In 2015, the dynamics in the office market in Amsterdam have increased sharply by the flourishing economy. For now there are enough offices available. However, additional office space needs to be realized for the future.

The locations that are eligible for the new office buildings are the Houthavens, Zuidas, Arenapoort, Amstel Station and the Marineland.

More information about the office plan can be found here.



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