Service point for Houthavens at parking garage

Recently, the Houthavens have a service point for information and surveillance of the surroundings and the parking garage. An office container is placed at the entrance of the parking garage. In the office container there is an supervising employee who also gives information.

It’s a service point for offices in the Houthavens. Employees and visitors can directly ask questions about the surrounding area and the parking garage. The service container is developped for multiple activities. Visitors in the Houthavens can ask questions about all kinds of matters relating to the Houthavens.

The Houthavens strives for the use of a neat, safe and easy garage. This can be realized thanks to the service container. The contact person can assists you in any situation when necessary. Because of the service point the garage and the environment are being monitored constantly. This ensures the safety.




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